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Bon je sais, c'est encore un lien anglophone mais...

"Open-mind believes that we should approach various aspects and issues of life and society such as ethnicities, sexual orientations, cultural values, religious beliefs, political positions, and so on with an open-mind.
No two persons are exactly the same in this world; everyone is unique with their own perspectives and beliefs. When we encounter people who have a different viewpoint than ours, we should appoach them with an open-mind. Having an open-mind doesn't mean that we have to give up our own beliefs and accept others' all the time. It just means that we should try to listen to, and understand others' viewpoints on the subject, try to see where others are coming from. Only after that can we take a side and build our beliefs upon it. Simply ignore others' point of views and claim that they are false, is very immature and unreasonable. Ignorance is the main cause of hatred, bigotry, prejudice, and discimination in society. Furthermore, we should always respect others' point of views. Just because others have a different viewpoints than ours, doesn't mean that ours are better or right and theirs are wrong. Remember, there is no absolute right or wrong, there are only differences."

Testé par Lani, à 18:34 dans la rubrique "Un peu de sérieux ici...".

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